American Firm Launches Biometric Mouse in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya (PANA) -- American Power Conversion (APC) has launched a new biometric mouse password manager, an optical mouse with a personal fingerprint scanner that makes it easy for personal computer and laptop users to manage their passwords.

The solution allows a user to biometrically secure and log on their PC as well as eliminate the need to memorise passwords and is based on the leading radio frequency (RF) fingerprint sensor technology.

The technology was launched here Tuesday at a half-day technical-cum-media seminar.

"With the proliferation of online transactions like banking, stock trading, e-mail, shopping and credit card accounts, there is an ever increasing need for data protection," said Alan Morgan, APC district manager East Africa.

"To protect themselves, Internet users should have secure passwords that include a combination of several numbers and letters. However having several different passwords makes it tougher to remember them all," Morgan added.

The new device permits up to 20 different fingerprints/users to store passwords on a single computer system, each user enrol using a finger as their identification source, the device allows for stable placement and accurate finger verification.

The biometric mouse password scans fingerprints below the surface of the skin to the live layer, it is unaffected by common skin surface conditions including dry, worn, dirty or oily skins that can affect other sensors ability to acquire accurate fingerprint images for user authentification purposes. The mouse costs approximately US$ 50.

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