Elmo Introduces Day/Night Networked Dome

PLAINVIEW, NY -- The ELMO TD4114IP Day/Night network dome incorporates a built-in-web server with a dual compression format, network interface, and analog video output in a single unit. Users can monitor sites on their network and view quality, identifiable real time images on a PC from anywhere at anytime.

The dome's bi-directional audio capabilities enable communication with remote locations via intercom possible over standard computer networks. It integrates easily into distance learning or AV applications where synchronized high quality audio is needed.

The camera delivers simultaneous MPEG4 and MJPEG video over the network. This makes high quality video viewable by standard web-browsers or through PC software, at the same time that their NTSC video outputs are sent to an analog CCTV system for display or recording. The dual MPEG4/MJPEG permit users to adjust frame rate up to 30fps and image size/quality up to full D1 to meet a variety of network conditions or application requirements. The 30fps rate in both formats provides clear, detailed moving images. Up to 50 users of MJPEG or 3 users of MPEG4 can access a site simultaneously.

For full day/night operation, the camera's low illumination requirements: 0.5 lux, (color); 0.05 lux, (B & W) and removable IR cut filter make it easier to identify intruders, even at low light levels. The camera delivers detailed images using advanced DSP circuitry with 1/3 inch IT 410,000 pixel CCD, backlight compensation. It has a 4x digital zoom and 2.4x vari-focal auto iris lens with high quality optics. Other features include built-in motion detection that sends alarm outputs to alert security personnel. The images captured can be transferred to an FTP server for later viewing. IP filtering assures site security by restricting access to authorized users.