Genex Technologies Provides Video Surveillance Multi-Sensor Systems to United States Navy

BOSTON -- Markland Technologies, Inc. and Technest Holdings, Inc., defense and homeland security companies transforming advanced laboratory technology into real-world products, announced today that Genex Technologies Inc. ( is providing OmniEye(tm) Cerberus distributed aperture 360 degree video surveillance systems to the Naval Underwater Warfare Center (NUWC) in Newport, Rhode Island in support of its SPARTAN ACTP (Advanced Technology Program).

Cerberus is a first of its kind distributed, multi-sensor system for remote situational awareness and surveillance. The unique miniature processing architecture of Cerberus enables sensors to be deployed in a distributed fashion, literally wherever the user wishes to place them. The capabilities of Cerberus include:

-- Distributed sensors and processing -- Salt-waterproof enclosures -- Low-light day/night sensors -- Up to 360 degree coverage -- Image stabilization

OmniEye(tm) Cerberus(tm) is a reconfigurable multi-sensor system that is designed for long distance infrared and visible detection. Recent trends in mounted cameras for manned and unmanned vehicles have created the need for a distributed multi-sensor capability. The Cerberus delivers this flexibility while still maintaining seamless panoramic coverage up to 360-degrees.

The unique architecture of the OmniEye(tm) Cerberus also allows it to be stackable, for multiple layers of sensors with different strengths. Combine infrared, near-infrared, image intensified, MWIR, SWIR, and visible sensors to achieve unparalleled fused vision and motion detection to provide improved night vision in 360-degrees.

OmniEye(tm) Cerberus is designed for rugged field and maritime/naval operations, with full salt-water resistant/watertight and pressure-resistant enclosures.

Now land vehicles, naval surface ships, and permanent ground and sea buoy installations have a new weapon to provide intrusion detection, enemy combatant recognition, and surveillance.

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