Atlanta Public Schools Selects Securiant as Network Security Vendor

ATLANTA -- Securiant, Inc., the Atlanta-based integrated network security solutions provider, today announced Atlanta Public Schools has selected Securiant, Inc. to deliver its Spider Integrated Security Appliance (SpiderISA), a comprehensive integrated security solution to protect the school system's network infrastructure.

Atlanta Public Schools is comprised of a total of 89 schools and 10 administrative offices located throughout Fulton, Dekalb, Clayton and Cobb counties. Supporting 51,000 students, faculty and administrators in multiple organizations, Atlanta Public Schools was faced with building a multi-layered security infrastructure to protect the schools' network infrastructure while also addressing CIPA and other governance requirements.

"As a large school system, we must have a secure network infrastructure to provide safe technology tools for the students and faculty to be successful in the education process," said Atlanta Public Schools CIO, Jerome Oberlton. "Securiant provides a single end-to-end solution that not only solved our immediate security issues but also provides a long-term security infrastructure that addresses both technical and governance requirements."

"Once Securiant's SpiderISA was installed, within hours we were able to have greater visibility and control over our network and we can now proactively detect and stop malicious activity before it becomes a major issue and impacts our users," Oberlton added.

The SpiderISA provides the most comprehensive integrated solution for network security, combining 10 powerful features in a single platform that is affordable, reliable, easy to install and simple to use. One single security platform provides vulnerability monitoring, IDS/IPS, SPAM/AV filtering, content filtering, behavioral anomaly detection, network traffic monitoring and integrated reporting. Customers can simplify and consolidate security functions by using a single management console, single vendor, single training source and simple pricing structure not tied to the number of users or number of features utilized.

"At Securiant we take a consultative approach to our customer's issues using our Network Security Analysis, Forensics & Engineering (NetowrkSAFE)(TM) methodology to quickly assess, document, isolate and eliminate the network issues," said Richard JB Campbell, President and CEO of Securiant, Inc. "The SpiderISA was designed on the same methodology and it empowers network engineers to take a simple approach to tackling very complex security challenges, have more control over their network and be proactive with combating security threats."

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