Secured Digital Introduces Integrated Vehicle Security and Tracking Application

NEW YORK -- Secured Digital Applications, Inc. (OTCBB:SDGL) today announced the rollout of an integrated vehicle tracking and security application that integrates biometric or smart card identification systems with wireless technology to provide real time monitoring of vehicle usage by fleet owners.

The application, developed by the company's subsidiary, Innospective Sdn Bhd, will be incorporated in a vehicle tracking system that is being marketed by a publicly listed developer of hardware security devices. The application will be incorporated with a smart card identification system and is expected to be in use by 1,000 vehicles by early 2006.

The application developed by Innospective uses a smart card reader that identifies the driver and, using wireless technology, obtains authorization for the vehicle to operate from a central server. The application then monitors the vehicle for location or accidents using GSM telecommunications technology and GPS Satellite technology.

The device is integrated with the vehicle's ignition system. Once installed, the device will permit fleet owners to prevent their vehicles from being operated by unauthorized users and establish geographic boundaries outside of which a vehicle cannot be operated. The device will also notify the fleet operator if a vehicle is being towed.

Innospective jointly developed the device with the hardware developer under a grant from the Malaysian government's Industrial Research and Development Grant Scheme. The partner has primary responsibility to market the device, which incorporates their smart card reader. Innospective also retained the right to sell the device directly.

Innospective developed the vehicle tracking application using a GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) network. GPRS is one of several telecommunications technologies falling within the class of technology applications known as GSM, or the Global System for Mobile Communications.

"We believe that the technology developed by Innospective and incorporated in this device will provide an effective and competitively priced tool for fleet management and other security applications," said Patrick Lim, Chairman and CEO of Secured Digital. "There is a rapidly growing market for this technology worldwide."

"The integration of authentication technologies with wireless tracking technologies is intended to offer a practical total solution for fleet management and other related industries. Although the initial commercial application developed by Innospective uses smart card devices, we believe that this application can incorporate any authentication technology requested by a customer."

Lim noted that a recent study by technology consultants the Yankee Group in Boston forecast the grown of real-time location systems using wireless networks to from about $20 million in 2005 to $1.6 billion in 2010. The result of the Yankee Group study was reported in the publication Frontline Solutions.

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