Wheelock Offers Complete Line of Ceiling Mount Appliances

Long Branch, N.J. - One of the fastest growing segments in the notification market is ceiling mount, multi-candela strobes, audible/visual appliances, chimes and chime strobes, and speaker and speaker strobes. The reason for this increase is that ADA restrictions on ceiling strobes has been eliminated and the new Performance Based NFPA code permits wider area coverage.

Wheelock provides a complete line of ceiling mount appliances. These include Multi-Candela strobes, audible strobes, chimes and chime strobes and speakers and speaker strobes in both 15/30/75/95 selectable candela and 115/177 high intensity selectable candela. Wheelock also provides a "StrobeTool" that will calculate the appropriate candela for an application based on NFPA Performance Codes.