House Bill Would Require Background Checks for Employees at Critical Infrastructure

California Congressman Elton Gallegly, a Republican representative from Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, has introduced a will that would required identity verification for employees at "critical infrastructure", including locations like airports and nuclear plants.

Gallegly's bill proposes that employers would be required to verify an employee's Social Security number using a computer-based system.

The bill's introduction follows recent news of the DHS finding and arresting 57 illegal immigrants who had landed jobs at security-sensitive sites, including airports.

Gallegly's bill would apply to federal, state and local buildings, military installations, nuclear sites and airports, and would require that these employers use the electronic verification system, called "Basic Pilot", to verify the current or potential employee's right to work at that location.

The proposed legislation would also allow federal officials to use the Basic Pilot electronic verification system for enforcement of immigration laws, document fraud and the Social Security Act.