Hospital Security: The Past, The Present, and The Future

Healthcare security consultant Jeff Aldridge addresses today's and tomorrow's needs

The security assessment should evaluate JCAHO standards as well as compliance issues that require:

  • Hospitals to collect and analyze information to identify safe patient practices and implement changes to reduce the risk of future sentinel events.
  • Changes are made and evaluated to ensure that expected outcomes are successful,
  • Programs are monitored for effectiveness.

Security Management Plan

The written Security Management Plan (SMP) is designed to provide a proactive approach in the protection of patients, visitor, staff, and health system assets. This is accomplished by identifying security threats in all areas of the facility which could have an adverse impact on persons and property.

This is accomplished through the security assessment which is also designed to reduce the occurrence and severity of security incidents and promote security education and training for hospital employees and staff.

[The next part of our series on healthcare security will address the Security Management Plan, and will focus on the identification of sensitive risk areas and deployment of security technology based on risk assessment. Look for the second part to appear in mid-September on the Healthcare Security section of]

About the author: Jeff Aldridge is an internationally recognized healthcare security consult and the Nation's "Number One" expert on infant security. Jeff works with Fortune 500 Companies in the design and development of state-of-the-art security products for the healthcare industry. He founded Security Assessments International (SAI is online at in 1994 and continues to provide services for healthcare facilities throughout the U.S. and overseas. In addition, he serves as a consultant to the National media and law enforcement on infant security issues and has provided collaborative assistance to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Over the past 16 years Jeff has assisted over 600 healthcare facilities throughout the U.S. and abroad with their healthcare security issue. Jeff has assisted clients in England, Ireland, Australia, and Kuwait. He has been featured on ABCs 20/20, as well as "PM Magazine", a nationally syndicated television program. He was recently interviewed by NBC, CBS, and the FOX network concerning mother/baby mix-ups in hospitals. Jeff is a much sought after speaker for national and international healthcare organizations as well as a published author. Jeff testifies as an established expert witness in high profile infant abduction cases. He can be reached by email at