U.S. Oil Selects Core Impact to Provide Network Security Testing

BOSTON -- Core Security Technologies, provider of CORE IMPACT, the first-to-market penetration testing product for assessing specific information security risks, today announced that U.S. Oil Co., Inc. has chosen its flagship product, CORE IMPACT to help them easily test the security of its network, identify what resources are exposed, and determine if its current security investments are actually detecting and preventing attacks. By conducting penetration testing with CORE IMPACT, U.S. Oil Co., Inc. is now able to safely exploit vulnerabilities in its network, replicating the kinds of access an intruder could achieve, and proving actual paths of attacks that must be eliminated.

"By proactively testing our network, we were able to discover and address vulnerabilities that we were unaware of," said Mark Molzahn, Network Administrator at U.S. Oil Co., Inc. "Without CORE IMPACT, it would have been impossible to integrate penetration testing into our security process. Other tools require a high level of expertise, aren't safe to run on live networks and deliver questionable results."

U.S. Oil Co., Inc. markets petroleum products and is a wholesale distributor of automotive parts and tires, as well as HVAC Equipment and supplies. Prior to buying CORE IMPACT, U.S. Oil Co., Inc. tested its network annually, hiring an outside company to test for vulnerabilities. With the growth of the company, there was concern that the job was becoming too big for consultants to handle entirely. Ultimately, U.S. Oil Co., Inc. selected CORE IMPACT to augment the outsourced penetration testing they had previously used with a professional, state-of-the-art, automated penetration testing product.

"It is our goal to provide a product that network and security administrators feel confident using to help them evaluate the security of their networks," said Core Security Technologies CEO, Paul Paget. "With CORE IMPACT, you no longer have to be an expert, or even a security specialist to perform this critical type of assessment which helps organizations secure their networks from outside attacks and viruses."