Magal Security Systems Land $6.1M Perimeter Intrusion Agreement in Israel

Magal Security Systems, Ltd. has signed a framework agreement for US$6.1 million with the Israeli Ministry of Defense (MOD) to continue the installation of intrusion detection systems along the seam-line between Israel and the West Bank. This agreement, worth US $6.1 million, is expected to be completed by the end of the third quarter of 2005.

Even-Ezra, chairman of Magal said: "This agreement is a follow-on from previous orders that Magal has received in the past few years from the Israeli MOD for the installation of the Company's intrusion detection systems along the seam-line. We are gratified that the Israeli MOD has once again chosen us for the important task of protecting Israel's borders. The Israeli MOD has particularly stringent security and operational requirements. The fact that Magal is chosen continually to protect the country's borders, where there is a significant and persistent risk of terrorism, is testament to the quality and success of Magal's offering."