Telular's Wireless Alarm Communications Systems Gains Addition UL Listings

Telular Corporation,, today announced additional Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listings for its Telguard model TG-100 for primary residential fire and burglary alarm communications. Telguard systems transmit alarm and security signals over the cellular network when the telephone line has been disrupted, compromised, or if no wireline phone service is used.

Telular's Telguard TG-100 is now UL 985 Household Fire Warning Systems listed and UL 1023 Household Burglar Alarm Systems listed for primary alarm signaling to the central monitoring station in the case of a fire or burglary. The product also retains a UL Listing for supplemental use as a cellular alarm transmission system. UL is a trusted source across the globe for product compliance. Every tested device illustrates that it has effectively met the organization's strict safety requirements.

"As more and more homeowners replace their primary landline telephone service with wireless service, it is critical they maintain a reliable communication link for sending alarm signals to the central monitoring station," said George Brody, senior vice president of Telular's Telguard division. "Telguard provides that critical tamper-proof wireless alarm transmission, which is reinforced by these newest UL Listings."