Man Nearly Decapitates Coworker in Case of Workplace Violence at Detroit Plant

A Detroit manufacturing plant's security measures failed to prevent a murder on the shop floor late Wednesday night.

The plant, Peerless Metal Powders and Abrasive, was the site of a sword-like killing when worker James Flemons, who is said to have been heavily interested in fantasy role-playing games and who burned candles while working at the plant according to a report from the Detroit Free Press, attacked coworker Anthony Williams.

Flemons apparently indicated to police that he had been bullied by Williams. While other workers watched, Flemons challenged Williams to a fight, offering him a piece of metal in apparent offer of self defense. Williams tossed the piece of scrap metal aside. Flemons then used a sword-like piece of metal that he had been creating in the plant for weeks to attack Williams. His attack nearly decapitated Williams.

Following the attack, which instantly killed Williams, Flemons waited in his car until police arrived, at which point he confessed.

On Thursday, the plant was closed and workers were sent home according to the company's security guards.

It is not known what kind of security measures the plant had in operation.