Savi Technology's 'Homeland Security' Solution Leveraging RFID and Networked Software Garners International Acclaim

Company's system for creating "smart containers" to ensure port security picks up two recent awards

"We're humbled to receive this international recognition at a time when it's increasingly critical to build an intelligent global network from point of origin to final destination that can sense and respond to 'smart containers' to detect security breaches when they happen," said Mark Weidick, vice president of Savi's Collaborative Network Services. "With about seven million of these containers coming into U.S. ports every year, everyone needs assurances of end-to-end visibility to improve security and business efficiency. Our system solves a critical Homeland Security problem by tracking the location and security of shipments in real-time through strategic checkpoints across borders and multiple transportation modes."

"The close collaboration between industry and public entities here provides an ideal environment for innovating practical solutions such as TSS that can be applied universally -- in this case, the global supply chain community," said Chee Kean Lim, president of Savi Technology Asia, based in Singapore, home to one of the world's busiest transshipment ports. "TSS provides real-time intelligence on the status, security and integrity of cargo containers, enabling users to manage, analyze and optimize their shipments more effectively and take immediate corrective action if necessary." In addition to engineering and marketing offices, Savi Technology Asia includes the Savi Research and Development Center for IT Logistics Excellence, which is committed to advancing networked software that's integrated with RFID and other Automatic Identification and Data Collection Technologies, from barcodes and sensors to biometrics and satellite tracking systems.

Studies by BearingPoint, Stanford University and others have found that Savi's networked RFID solutions for containerized cargo decrease operational costs, improves operational efficiency and productivity, ensures container security and integrity, enables problem resolution and cost avoidance, as well as facilitates fast-track shipments through Customs inspection points.

"These awards to Savi Technology underscore the growing international awareness and emphasis on the uses of existing advanced technologies and best practices to help thwart multiple supply chain security problems, including theft, smuggling, transport of counterfeit goods and the use of containers to hide weapons of mass destruction and disruption," said David Jones, chairman of the National Cargo Security Council, the leading professional association of security professionals from all supply chain functions. Following are more details on the most recent awards:

NIA 2004's "Most Innovative Infocomm Product and Service". Awarded for Savi's TSS software application, TSS is uniquely integrated with the Savi SmartChain platform, which processes data automatically transmitted over radio waves from RFID devices -- including door and temperature sensors -- on the containers. TSS is a web-based, full-featured application that provides real-time and continuous monitoring of the security and integrity of "smart" cargo containers equipped with automatic identification technologies, including RFID, which provide real-time information on the location and status of the container and its contents. Automated alerts sent to TSS immediately provide updates on the security status and integrity of the container, as well as the location and any deviations from plan, such as delays or re-routes. When authorized personnel electronically seal containers and authenticate the contents at the point of origin, the software continuously tracks the status of the container and its contents as they move through key checkpoints in the supply chain.