Savi Technology's 'Homeland Security' Solution Leveraging RFID and Networked Software Garners International Acclaim

Company's system for creating "smart containers" to ensure port security picks up two recent awards

"2004 Homeland Security - Private Sectors Market Global Customer Leadership of the Year Award." Frost and Sullivan recognized companies that are predicted to encourage significant growth in their industries, have identified emerging trends before they became the standard in the marketplace, and have created advanced technologies that will catalyze industries in the near future. The Frost & Sullivan Award for Global Customer Leadership is bestowed upon the company that has demonstrated excellence in customer leadership within their industry. The recipient company has shown tremendous responsiveness to customer needs and has continually focused on long and short-term customer profitability goals. In addition, the recipient company demonstrated flexibility in tailoring their product offerings to suit customer businesses. To choose the recipient of this Award, the analyst team tracks industry participants and monitors their customer service methods on an ongoing basis. The Award recipient is selected based upon extensive research collected from key market participants, secondary and technology sources, and customer interviews.

During the past two years, Savi has been recognized for its innovative real-time supply chain management and security solutions by a wide range of organizations, including the World Economic Forum, Red Herring and Inbound Logistics magazines, the European Retail Solutions Conference, and the National Defense Transportation Agency, which last year bestowed on Savi its "National Transportation Award."