D3Data Launches Remote Web Access System for IP Security Video Service

Thanks to a global distribution agreement between Security IP Security Video firm D3Data LLC and Connectivity Solutions provider Hawking Technologies, Inc., consumers who purchase Hawking IP cameras now have the option for free, one-click access to their own live security camera feeds through HostedVideo.com, D3Data's new Hosted Video Management system.

"Hosted Video Management adds a powerful and easy-to-use feature to our IP cameras," said Sidd Sinha, Product Manager at Hawking Technologies. "With Hosted Video Management, our IP camera users now have an extremely convenient way of viewing, recording, and utilizing other advanced features for an unlimited number of cameras from anywhere in the world."

Under the agreement, consumers buying Hawking IP cameras at retailers throughout the U.S. will receive free HVM accounts at HostedVideo.com for live camera views and multi-views via their Internet Explorer browser. Consumers and businesses that already have any IP cameras such as Sony, Axis, Vivotek, Panasonic, Acti, IQeye, IPIX, Pixord, Toshiba, Mobotix or Hawking Technologies cameras can also sign up for free with HostedVideo.com to securely view their cameras over the Internet. All users will have the option of upgrading to HostedVideo.com's recording and archival tools.

Much like D3Data's award-winning Enterprise Network Video Management (NETVM) solution, the HVM system controls intelligent video processes. A 128- bit encrypted two-way video connection provides secure access and full Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) functionality with no client-side software necessary. And, for mobile users, HostedVideo.com includes handheld support: the system has the capability to send e-mail, pager, palm or other notifications to single or multiple accounts when camera properties change, as in the case of an alarm or recording event, allowing users to receive real-time notification and perform visual verification from virtually anywhere.

The HostedVideo.com service is the first of its kind, said D3Data's Managing Partner, Christopher Hills: "Now, when a homeowner or business installs a camera, they have the option of using our service as their recording and archiving solution. They no longer need expensive proprietary hardware onsite. Essentially, any individual or organization can have the power of enterprise software and Digital Video Recording capability at a fraction of the cost they would traditionally have paid."