GE Introduces New MiniView Dome Camera

AUSTIN, Texas - GE's Security business has announced the availability of its MiniView Dome camera, which measures just two inches across and offers discreet video surveillance while delivering high-resolution color images. A dome shroud conceals the camera's position.

The MiniView is the smallest of GE's line of dome cameras that includes the 4-inch Fixed Mini-Dome (DS line) and 5-inch Vari-View Dome (DM line). While the MiniView Dome camera provides color images, these larger domes provide both color and black and white images.

"GE's new MiniView Dome camera is designed to monitor sensitive areas," said Robert Siegel, Security's marketing manager for Video Solutions. "The MiniView Dome provides high resolution images in a small but powerful package."

In spite of its small size, the camera delivers the high-resolution (480 TV lines) color image that is desired for most surveillance applications. Users can rotate the camera a full 360 degrees or tilt it to 90 degrees for the best viewing angle. The lens pack includes 2.5, 4 and 6mm lenses.

Installation is easy with an included indoor wall-mount bracket. Installers can also mount the dome directly to a ceiling. The camera also comes with a 12 VDC to 24 VAC adapter cable.

The MiniView Dome camera is available now.