Mid Bronx Senior Citizen Council Uses Visual Sentry for Monitoring of Apartment Buildings

The Mid Bronx Senior Citizen Council (MBSCC), an elderly advocacy group from a section of the South Bronx which manages 1,400 low-income/fixed-income housing units for seniors in New York City, has installed a Visual Sentry Enterprise NVR to monitor and record video from 12 apartment buildings located throughout the Bronx, NY. The application includes four cameras in each building. All the cameras are monitored at the councils Security Central Station.

Four Samsung SCC931 Dome Cameras were installed at each location. The cameras are connected to a Pixord 4000 four-channel network video server. Each location has a DSL Internet connection with a router. The video is transmitted via IP address over the Internet to the NVR located at the central station.

The Visual Sentry Enterprise NVR includes a forty-eight camera Master Controller, which is scaleable to an unlimited number of cameras, a Capture Storage Module with 1.2TB storage capacity and a Dual Monitor Viewing Client with two 19" monitors. Security personnel are able to monitor each location from the centralized monitoring station.

"We did not want any recording hardware located at the camera sites, "said Jim Crocker the project manager for MBSCC. "Ease of expansion was one of our primary goals and the Visual Sentry system met all our requirements. To add a building to the system only requires cameras, a camera server and a DSL line."

"Visual Sentry provides the most cost effective and reliable solution for monitoring multiple buildings," says Damon Sleicher CEO, Visual Sentry. "The Visual Sentry NVR is modular in design so that the system be expanded according to the customers schedule."