Student Arrested for Stealing School Equipment, Selling on eBay

EVERETT, Wash. -- Police say a Lake Stevens High School senior has stolen a total of $30,000 in school property since his freshman year and has been selling the equipment on eBay.

The suspect, 18, was arrested March 31 for investigation of theft and burglary, Lake Stevens Police Chief Randy Celori said.

At the student's home, officers recovered more than 100 items believed to be stolen from Lake Stevens High School. They also seized $3,000 from his bank account.

Celori estimated that up to $30,000 worth of equipment was stolen over three years.

The student had a master key to the school's doors and knowledge of how the alarm system worked, Celori said.

Police believe the student worked alone.

''He indicated that he did it for the thrill,'' Celori said.

The suspect told police he would go through teachers' desks and steal keys. He came into the school after hours and removed projectors, high-end calculators and other property, Celori said.

He also opened padlocks in the boy's locker room during school hours and stole wallets, money and gift cards, the police chief said.

The case was cracked last week after a teacher overheard the student talking about selling equipment online, Celori said. The teacher became suspicious, did a little searching on eBay and found property that had been reported stolen, Celori said

The student was arrested and released to his parents.

The student was expelled for 10 days pending an investigation, and could be in jeopardy of missing graduation in June, school officials said.