VistaScape Introduces SiteIQ 3.0 Video Analytics System

VistaScape Security Systems unveiled the latest release of SiteIQ, its flagship software product for protection of critical infrastructure sites. SiteIQ 3.0 extends the capabilities of the award-winning automated wide-area surveillance software platform by adding new analytic detection features and modularizing the product architecture for fast, flexible, and easy installation.

First debuted as Security Data Management System (SDMS) in 2001, SiteIQ is the industry's most deployed platform for automated wide-area surveillance. SiteIQ customers include the nation's largest ports and airports, Fortune 100 chemicals and energy companies, and multiple branches of the U.S. military and Department of Homeland Security.

"Today's protection professionals face greater challenges and technology point solutions do not address their fundamental business and security problems. Security guards are now responsible for protecting more assets and larger areas, using a growing array of disconnected security systems," said Glenn McGonnigle, Chairman and CEO of VistaScape. "This release extends SiteIQ's capabilities as a powerful, flexible, and easy to use platform that transforms security operations. It's the integrated, automated command center for the security enterprise."

Modular Architecture
SiteIQ is the only software solution that provides a single, easy-to-use display that shows activity across an entire site, based on analysis of video and other sensors. SiteIQ 3.0 features an updated architecture that allows customers to add functionality through sensor modules.

This building block approach allows systems integrators to deploy customized solutions, using the right mix of sensor technologies. Customers benefit from the ability to build upon their legacy security infrastructure and the flexibility of buying only the sensor functionality they need.

SiteIQ currently offers five sensor modules:
-- Fixed Detection for SiteIQ -- Performs intelligent detection on fixed-position cameras and displays live video
-- PTZ Detection for SiteIQ -- Performs intelligent detection from PTZ cameras, displays live video and supports camera control
-- Fixed View for SiteIQ -- Displays live video from fixed-position cameras
-- PTZ Interrogation for SiteIQ -- Displays live video from PTZ cameras, including full camera control
-- OpenIQ Multi-Sensor -- Supports integration of auxiliary sensors such as access control systems and microwave fences

SiteIQ sensor modules enable systems integrators to cost-effectively deploy sensors and integrate their capabilities into SiteIQ's single user interface for automated monitoring, alerting, and policy enforcement. SiteIQ correlates sensor data, such as automatically generating live video of an incident based on an alarm from a microwave fence or an access control system. This capability further distinguishes SiteIQ from stand-alone video analytic point solutions and vastly increases the productivity and effectiveness of security operations.

Open Interfaces
In the future, VistaScape will roll out new modules that support additional sensor functionality without custom driver development. Through OpenIQ Multi-Sensor, an application program interface (API), systems integrators gain further flexibility to design customer solutions by integrating access control systems, microwave fences, RFID tags, RADAR, and GPS.

New Analytic Detection Criteria
New features in SiteIQ 3.0 include detection criteria for "object left behind" and "stopped object." Object left behind refers to targets that leave an unattended bag or package. SiteIQ will issue an alert identifying the object's location and also continue to track the original target. Stopped object issues an alert when an object, such as a car or person, remains stationary in any designated location for a user-defined period of time. Both enhancements are now standard functionality delivered in SiteIQ 3.0 detection modules.

Unlike video analytic point solutions in which detection criteria must be configured for each individual camera's field of view, SiteIQ allows users to set up policies and view activity on a single, graphical model of their environment that provides spatial awareness and real world context. In addition to object left behind and stopped object detection criteria, SiteIQ 3.0 also features improved object detection, classification, and tracking capabilities resulting in a higher degree of overall accuracy.