VistaScape Introduces SiteIQ 3.0 Video Analytics System

Latest release offers modular architecture, open interfaces, new detection capabilities

New Analytic Detection Criteria
New features in SiteIQ 3.0 include detection criteria for "object left behind" and "stopped object." Object left behind refers to targets that leave an unattended bag or package. SiteIQ will issue an alert identifying the object's location and also continue to track the original target. Stopped object issues an alert when an object, such as a car or person, remains stationary in any designated location for a user-defined period of time. Both enhancements are now standard functionality delivered in SiteIQ 3.0 detection modules.

Unlike video analytic point solutions in which detection criteria must be configured for each individual camera's field of view, SiteIQ allows users to set up policies and view activity on a single, graphical model of their environment that provides spatial awareness and real world context. In addition to object left behind and stopped object detection criteria, SiteIQ 3.0 also features improved object detection, classification, and tracking capabilities resulting in a higher degree of overall accuracy.