Stanley Security Solutions Keeps a Watchful Eye With New Digital Video Solution

HBV400 integrated security solution ideal for close video surveillance within a variety of industries and environments

Remote Retrieval and Data Query Capability
The HBV400(tm) integrated security solution is as easy to use as it is convenient. Because the system is PC based, users can quickly connect it to their existing network and configure IP cameras to view live or recorded images over the Internet. This asset is an ideal solution for small businesses where distance reduces the ability of loss prevention departments to monitor and investigate incidents. For instance, if the loss prevention department decides to audit high-risk transactions from a cash register, the investigator can retrieve transactions for a specific period and run a query on customer refunds, voided transactions, high tender amount transactions or multiple, small amount transactions for verification purposes.

Synchronized Playback
With the Synchronized Playback feature, users can program the system to quickly provide a storyboard of an event. Any number of cameras can be viewed in a synchronized mode. This function is particularly useful for retrieving a step-by-step history of an individual's movement from entrance to exit, increasing the chances for a successful prosecution. Images can be electronically delivered to the Police Department the same day, in a self-extracting mode compliant to FBI recommendations.