DVTel Completing Purchase of OmniVee Ltd.

Las Vegas, NV and Ridgefield Park, NJ -- DVTel Inc., multiple award- winning market leader in delivering integrated IP security solutions for surveillance and monitoring, today announced that they are completing acquisition of OmniVee Ltd. OmniVee specializes in "Adaptive Visualization Technology," a patent-pending video imaging and analysis capability which utilizes computer vision technology to enhance CCTV data acquisition, management, and analysis.

DVTel CEO, Eli Gorovici, said, "This unique technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we acquire and analyze video, voice, and data. OmniVee's AVT technology positions us as a leader in the next major stage of security industry innovation and growth."

After 9/11, the avalanche of video surveillance data has meant that critical information and even direct threats go unnoticed by overwhelmed security personnel. Adaptive Visualization Technology (AVT) provides end users with powerful, correlated information display and analysis capabilities so that operators achieve a level of instantaneous situational awareness. AVT is applicable in a wide array of markets including retail, casinos, airports, city streets and centers, sports venues, and many more. DVTel has already incorporated some of AVT's unique capabilities into its new SceneTracker product.

The two companies have been working together for some time jointly developing the technology suite that became the foundation for AVT. As the technology progressed, DVTel's management team saw the tremendous potential for synergies between the evolving AVT technology and DVTel's network video platform and software solutions. Both companies recognized the potential for partnership and OmniVee agreed to be acquired by DVTel. After the acquisition is finalized, future AVT development will be located at DVTel's R&D facility in Israel.

OmniVee Co-founder and President, Ben Kidron, said, "We've been working with DVTel for a while, and we recognize their strong market position and their leadership. We are pleased to be joining a company that is in the forefront of the revolution in video surveillance and analysis."