Lenel Announces Commercial Release of Lenel IntelligentVideo

ISC West, Las Vegas, NV, Booth # 12085 -- Lenel Systems International, a world leader in the development and marketing of integrated security systems, today announced the release of Lenel IntelligentVideo(tm). Lenel IntelligentVideo is a cutting- edge solution that offers real-time digital video content analysis-the ability to recognize, analyze and classify objects (information) in live and captured video. Lenel IntelligentVideo brings a whole new level of intelligence, efficiency and cost savings to both entry-level and enterprise security systems, reducing manpower requirements and increasing the overall level of security in an organization.

Lenel IntelligentVideo's applications include intelligent motion analysis (such as detection of the direction and speed of specific objects, object tracking, and distinguishing between objects of interest and the motion of leaves or rain/hail/snow), perimeter control, facial detection at entry points, people counting, behavioral analysis (such as loitering and line control) and detection of abandoned or removed objects. IntelligentVideo augments the investigative experience for a multitude of real-world uses, from forensics to crowd monitoring, and in many different environments, from museums to busy outdoor locations.

Lenel IntelligentVideo is the most powerful and reliable video content analysis tool available today, yet it is very simple to use. System operators configure parameters for generic events such as "Facial Detection" or "Removed Object." Lenel IntelligentVideo then sends alarms to Lenel Alarm Monitoring workstations whenever those custom-calibrated events occur. Lenel IntelligentVideo's capabilities can be customized for an unlimited number of specific applications and environments. Advanced algorithmic mechanisms built into the software filter out invalid or "phantom" objects, thereby ensuring a high degree of accuracy in the interpretation of video data.

"Lenel IntelligentVideo extends the capabilities of digital video recording and surveillance by providing intelligence and automation," said Rudy Prokupets, chief technology officer and executive vice president of Research and Development for Lenel. "It's considerably less error-prone and offers a much higher level of reliability than human interpretation. With intelligent object recognition, classification and analysis, the ability of a system to automatically respond to real threats is becoming much more of a reality," Mr. Prokupets added.

A total security solution that includes digital video provides much more meaningful information than a standalone digital video application can. Lenel IntelligentVideo is the only solution on the market that is seamlessly integrated with the OnGuard platform-including access control and alarm monitoring-delivering the kind of comprehensive solution that today's complex business environments demand. Lenel IntelligentVideo is also available as a seamlessly integrated component of Lenel's network video management solution, Lenel VideoDefender.

Each Lenel IntelligentVideo Server can be configured to support multiple Lenel Video Recorders.