Verint Introduces Nextiva Next-Generation Video Analytics Platform

Melville, NY -- Verint Systems Inc., a leading provider of analytic software-based solutions for communications interception, networked video security and business intelligence, announced today the introduction of Nextiva, its next generation, enterprise-class video management and analytics platform that transforms video into actionable intelligence. Nextiva combines enterprise and security data with mission-critical video, leveraging existing investments in IT infrastructure, security and business systems to enhance security and improve operational performance.

"New demands are being placed on both IT and security to play a more active and strategic role in enterprise-wide initiatives, including personal safety, asset protection and business operations support," said Dan Bodner, Verint's President and CEO. "Nextiva is designed to bridge security and IT systems transforming structured and unstructured data into actionable intelligence so that organizations can rapidly respond to threats and breaches, optimize business processes and gain competitive advantage."

Verint Nextiva is a robust platform and suite of software applications built on a standards-based, open architecture, engineered for scalability, rapid deployment, and ease of use in IP network environments. Nextiva captures video, audio and data from a wide variety of devices transmitted over wireline and wireless networks. Nextiva's powerful rules-based engine and analytics enable effective follow-up action by rapidly distributing video, data, alarms and events to the appropriate security and operational personnel.

The Nextiva solution includes five integrated software applications:

  • Nextiva IntelliFlow is a sophisticated rules-based engine with powerful analytics that provides automatic event notification, video distribution, and process activation in response to events and behaviors.
  • Nextiva IntelliStream automatically distributes live and recorded video to video walls, PDAs and computers across dispersed user locations in a bandwidth efficient manner.
  • Nextiva Review enables flexible live and recorded video viewing from a thick client or Web browser interface, with priority icons that make alarms and associated video accessible with a single click.
  • Nextiva Case Management transforms case-related video and data captured from a variety of sources into a searchable database that can be securely shared among authorized personnel.
  • Nextiva HealthCheck provides automated system health monitoring and diagnostics to facilitate a proactive maintenance approach for maximum system availability and reduced service costs.

Verint Networked Video Solutions enable government and commercial organizations to enhance the security of their facilities and infrastructure and the performance of their operations by networking video across multiple locations and applying advanced content analytics to extract actionable intelligence from live and stored video. By alerting security personnel to potential security threats, Verint Networked Video Solutions are designed to help organizations prevent security breaches, improve response time and enhance operational efficiency.