Indala Introduces Superior MR Series Magnetic Stripe Readers

Las Vegas, NV - ISC West (April 6, 2005) Indala launched the rugged MR Series (TM) of Magnetic Stripe Readers, which includes one of the most reliable magnetic read heads in the world. The superior Indala magneto-resistive read-head technology was developed and produced at the Company's factory in the United Kingdom. The proven, high-quality MR Series is backed by a 5-year warranty-four times more than the industry average. Further, the MR Series built-in read head heater comes standard with every outdoor unit.

  • The MR Series includes the MR5100 range, which operates as 5Vdc and is ideally suited to meet the requirements for replacements or upgraded magnetic stripe reader installations. Both dual and triple LED options are available in stylish chrome and black finishes.
  • The MR5600 range operates at 12Vdc and is ideal for new installations that require magstripe reader connections to conventional access control panels.
  • The MR2000 Series provides both upgrade and new installation opportunities for RS232 serial connected magstripe applications. The Indala MR Series product range is suitable for most access control market requirements.

"We are pleased to add this new line to the Indala product family. It perfectly complements our ability to provide multiple technology solutions," said Simon Barnes, Indala vice president Product Management. "Whatever the application; Access Control, E-POS, Ticketing or PC-Logon, the Indala MR Series of magnetic stripe readers is the ideal choice," he added.