Honeywell Announces Three New Lenses for Day and Night Use

SYOSSET, N.Y. - Honeywell has introduced three new camera lenses for day and night use. The day/night lenses have a unique optical design that enables them to provide crisp color images in daylight and black and white images in darkness using near- infrared illumination, without the need to refocus the lens. They are ideal for use with true day night cameras in outdoor installations such as parking lots, ports and other areas where low-light imaging is important.

Honeywell's HLD29V8DNL (2.9 - 8mm, F0.95), HLD27V13DNL (2.7 - 13mm, F1.3) and HLD5V50DNL (5 - 50mm, F1.6) day/night lenses provide the widest maximum aperture for their focal range, which leads to better low-light performance of the camera. All lenses use aspheric lens elements, which are curved so that each light ray focuses on the same point of the focal plane, reducing the number of lens elements and therefore reducing the optical distortion in the image. The lenses are small, compact and lightweight.

The HLD29V8DNL and HLD27V13DNL are the only day/night lenses on the market with focus-tightening knobs separate from the focusing ring. This provides easier installation and ensures that any tightening of the focusing knob will not accidentally shift the position of the focusing ring. Both lenses have the widest zoom range, largest maximum aperture, and smallest size and weight in their class.

"Honeywell knows that accuracy and clarity are important to our dealers' customers, and the day/night lenses are the only product of their kind that ensure both," said Raymond Szekretar, product marketing manager for Honeywell. "Honeywell insists on providing the most innovative technologies and products and is proud to lead the way with these lenses."

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