Stanley Security Solutions Marries Information Resources

Indianapolis, IN -- Stanley Security Solutions, Inc., a provider of access control and security solutions, today announced the introduction of Stanley DataLink technology interface, an integrated and full-featured data import and export utility. The new technology, which is consolidated within a single user interface, is designed to streamline and automate the process of sharing and concurrently updating data between multiple databases.

By integrating with the newly announced ET605 software, this user-friendly program manages access control, digital video, visitor management, alarm monitoring and ID credentialing. The entire solution is backed by the Stanley Software Solutions Group; a team of professional engineers who work diligently to ensure user integration is successful.

The Stanley DataLink technology interface enables institutions to populate security databases with cardholder information from administration databases, eliminating the need to manually enter information or records twice. As a result, the solution resolves the often time consuming and tedious tasks of regularly maintaining and updating separate security and administration databases by automatically importing records from one database to the other.

The Stanley DataLink technology is especially beneficial to college facilities where administrators can marry the databases used to store a student's enrollment information, meal plan, library card and access privileges. The student is then issued a single campus card for all their needs.

It is an accurate, quick and effective way to manage information between the administration, security and the cardholder, communicating personal information through a single database server. This increases productivity and the efficient allocation of resources within an institution or facility.

Additionally, users have the ability to import graphic images, including demographic data, such as an individual's date of birth, address and fingerprints, from one database to another. Once the initial importation of records has been completed, the DataLink technology will automatically continue to update the records through periodic synchronization with the institution's administration database. Additions, deletions and modifications to cardholder records in the administration database are automatically communicated through the B.A.S.I.S ET605 system with no additional steps required by the user, ensuring accuracy and integrity throughout all databases.

Stanley Security Solutions offers a full spectrum of support services that economically fits the user's needs, depending on the size of the facility. By providing users with industry standard security protocol through B.A.S.I.S software, the team of professional engineers goes the extra mile to make sure students, faculty, personnel and finances are safe and secure. The Software Solutions Group conducts a comprehensive database analysis and makes recommendations and suggestions before they implement the software.

"Stanley Security Solutions takes pride in its leadership role of providing the latest software applications to the security industry," said Jay Vaitkus, product manager for Stanley Security Solutions. "We will continue to back the customer and provide the necessary service and support to make sure this solution stands the test of time. We are confidant users will derive a high degree of value from the reliable performance our program offers as well as from the support of our service professionals."