Stanley Security Solutions Extends Service and Value

Comprehensive, Turnkey Solution Enables Increased Productivity and More Efficient Resource Utilization for Security Customers

Indianapolis, IN -- Stanley Security Solutions, Inc., a provider of access control and security solutions, today announced the launch of its Platinum Program. The partnership driven initiative provides Stanley Security customers with a complete solution for the design, installation, administration, service and support of integrated software and hardware-based security and access control products and services.

The Platinum Program is a comprehensive turnkey solution that is customized to meet individual security requirements for a broad range of organizations and businesses, both small and large. The Program provides the customer with a complete product and service solution, which includes:

  • Applications engineering
  • Project management
  • Product and installation
  • Aftermarket product and service support

In addition, the Platinum Program also includes a financing element that features a variety of flexible payment options.

Overall, the Platinum Program allows end users to simplify their ability to acquire the most advanced security technology on the market while avoiding some of the costs and operational challenges associated with traditional "on-site" administered security and access control systems.

As a result, the program has the potential to generate significant cash flow improvements and increase productivity because the system administration and maintenance is handled by Stanley Security Solutions, freeing up precious resources, bandwidth and infrastructure.

"Businesses have an obligation to protect their people and their assets," said Joe Custer Managing Director at Stanley Security Solutions. "This means providing the most progressive solution available to protect the lives of co-workers, friends and family while preventing theft and property damage. Implementing the level of security the Platinum Program offers instills confidence in the minds of our customers and their staff."

Mr. Custer continued: "Organizations often need to 'value engineer' their security needs because of capital constraints which compromises the effectiveness of the system and impacts the overall level of security. With the Platinum Program, customers pay on a periodic basis, eliminating the need to invest upfront capital. As a result, customers can now have the most cutting edge solution, not a solution that is bound by capital constraints."

The program also offers peace of mind for customers who are often apprehensive about purchasing an entire security solution all at once, running the risk of system obsolescence in the long run. The Platinum Program guards against this by enabling a regular system upgrade which reduces the risks of technological obsolescence.

Subsequently, the customer can acquire today's most innovative technology in the security market because the true risks of ownership are eliminated from the equation. In short, the Platinum Program enables customers to acquire and maintain a dynamic suite of the most advanced security and access control solutions available. At the same time, the end user can outsource the administration and management of the solution to a well-known and well- respected industry expert.

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