Stanley Security Solutions Extends Service and Value

Comprehensive, Turnkey Solution Enables Increased Productivity and More Efficient Resource Utilization for Security Customers

The Platinum Program is also designed to form a strong partnership between the end user and the supplier, providing a platform that allows Stanley Security Solutions to offer its customers a wide range of dedicated service programs. Stanley Security Solutions is widely recognized for its dedicated customer service and has built its business model on providing its customers with the level service they desire. Customers can be assured of Stanley's full service commitment before, during and after the Platinum Program has been adopted and implemented.

"Because the security market is highly fragmented, customers struggle to get the level of dedicated customer service needed to manage an enterprise wide solution," said Custer. "Our focus is on continuing to be a leader in providing dedicated customer service on a national level. The Platinum Program provides its customers with the added assurance that their systems will be fully operational and that they have the dedicated customer service they need to properly manage the system across a LAN or a WAN that may stretch from coast to coast."