Honeywell Introduces New Wide Dynamic Camera for Changing Light Conditions

SYOSSET, N.Y. -- Honeywell introduced the HCCWD484 Wide Dynamic Camera, a high-resolution body camera designed for environments with high contrast and changing light conditions. Ideal for casinos, financial institutions, government buildings and schools, the Wide Dynamic Camera uses patented Next Generation Image Capture Technology to convert images from analog to digital format within each pixel immediately after the image is captured.

Each pixel in the Wide Dynamic Camera acts as its own camera having an independent shutter speed, optimizing the exposure time for every picture detail. This results in correct color rendering and the ability to capture details of objects and faces even when the camera is facing a window backlit by the sun or used in a high contrast outdoor application. The HCCWD484 properly captures both the shadow details and brightly lit objects in much the same way that the eye sees the scene.

The image capture technology eliminates multiple processing steps prior to being digitized and stored, which significantly reduces noise. This ensures crisp, high-resolution images without the presence of image artifacts in moving and still pictures.

"The Wide Dynamic Camera has a dynamic range that is 100 to 200 times greater than the conventional camera, and was designed for organizations that require a higher degree of security in areas with bright sunlight or glare," said Ray Szekretar, product marketing manager for Honeywell. "It has always been Honeywell's goal to give our independent dealers and integrators the best tools in the business to ensure their customers are safe and secure."

2-Wide Dynamic Camera
The Wide Dynamic Camera is easy to install and can be customized with on-screen displays and pre-set. Suggested applications include lobbies, entrances, outdoor areas and any location subject to high contrast or changing light conditions.

Other features include:

  • 5 preset modes optimized for different lighting conditions reduce setup and installation time
  • 1/3" wide dynamic digital imager with a dynamic range >95dB
  • Sensitivity of 0.4 lux for true color representation in low-light conditions
  • 50/60 fps progressive video capture for sharp image definition in all lighting conditions

For more information about the HCCWD484 Wide Dynamic Camera, please visit your local Honeywell dealer or ADI branch, or visit .