Dortronics' New Isolation Relay Modules Ideal For Access Control Applications

Las Vegas, NV -- Dortronics' continually expanding family of low voltage power accessories has been enhanced with the 4804 Isolation Relay Module here at ISCW 2005. The four-relay modules are manufactured to operate on 12V or 24V DC, and are DPDT rated for 3 amps at 24V DC with one common on each set fused at 1.6 amps. The code compliant design meets requirements for use in access control systems, and when properly fused also conforms to Class II power limited restrictions.

"The 4804 Relay Modules are manufactured in-house by Dortronics and each unit is fully tested before packaging to assure reliability," said John FitzPatrick, Vice President, Dortronics Systems, Inc. "Dortronics has an established reputation for performance, quality and reliability that has resulted in an expanding base of installers and users across the U.S."

The 4804 Relay Module includes application flexibility with a built-in fire alarm interface and mantrap interlock options. Its compact size (3" x 9") and large gauge wiring terminal strips with provided captive screw posts make installation fast and trouble-free. The relay module is also supplied with auxiliary terminal strip connections to allow distribution of power from the main 12/24V DC input to other system devices. On-board LEDs are standard to provide a visual indication of power to the relay board.

The 4804 Relay Modules are available as off-the-shelf inventory and are competitively priced.

For more information on Dortronics extensive line of access control products call toll free 1-800-906-0137, e-mail or visit their web site