AirVisual Demonstrates IntelliViewer Mobile Command System

Las Vegas, NV -- AirVisual, a New York based application service provider for the enterprise security and safety market, is demonstrating the company's innovative mobile video surveillance system here at ISC West. The IntelliViewer(tm) Mobile Command System now makes the visual intelligence that's available at the command center accessible and useful to personnel on foot and behind the wheel - using conventional mobile devices such as laptop PCs, handhelds and tablet PCs - so they can be more effective protecting the lives and property of others while staying out of harm's way.

This unique wireless video security platform provides real-time views and archived video playback from surveillance cameras, tracking of GPS-enabled vehicles and personnel, monitoring of alarms and tracking of targets using a map-and-floor plan interface both in-house and in the field. IntelliViewer enables responding personnel to remotely control the pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) functions of any camera independent of the command center. IntelliViewer can be implemented using virtually any mobile device on virtually any wireless network.

"AirVisual's IntelliViewer is a reliable and effective wireless delivery solution for leveraging critical visual information at one or more remote locations. This innovative solution allows security professionals and other first responders to make better decisions based on information they can view and evaluate before they even arrive at a given location," said Tom Hansen, Founder and CEO, AirVisual, Inc. "IntelliViewer is a powerful network extension that caters to today's enterprise security needs by delivering a truly mobile visual surveillance solution."

AirVisual's IntelliViewer integrates with existing video networks and supports other surveillance technologies such as heat sensors, motion detectors, access control and chemical/biological monitoring. For added convenience and ease of operation, IntelliViewer utilizes standard web browsers to provide a GUI (graphical user interface) for configuration and operation, without having to install custom software.

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