Sanyo Introduces 520-Line High Resolution PTZ Cameras

Chatsworth, CA -- Sanyo Security Products announces the launch of a series of DSP super high resolution PTZ cameras with flexible configurations for indoor or outdoor monitoring. Known as "high- speed PTZ cameras" for their PTZ properties, the series adapts to almost any application with 520 TV lines of resolution in color or day/night versions, as well as a choice of housing types and dome cover types for various monitoring situations. The series will be shown in Booth #20038 at the ISC West April 6-8 in Las Vegas.

With remote-controlled Pan/Tilt/Zoom functionality, the flexibility of the VCC-9000/9100 Series takes monitoring to the next level by offering the flexibility to see almost anything within the camera's range. A powerful 22x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom allow the user to zoom in on small or distant objects with exceptional clarity.

"The arrival of the high speed PTZ for Sanyo opens up exciting new application possibilities and delivers the flexibility to install the cameras in a variety of situations," said Raul Calderon, Sanyo's National Product Development Manager. "With the VCC-9000/VCC-9100, Sanyo offers a powerful demonstration of how PTZ expands the functionality of the security camera and expands system solutions for Sanyo," he added.