Dortronics Door Control Enhancements With Greater Value & Functionality At ISCW 2005

Las Vegas, NV -- Dortronics Systems is demonstrating several products with enhanced features for advanced door control applications here at ISC West. Featured products include a new isolation relay module, an intelligent door prop alarm, an annunciator with increased capacity and control, and the weather resistant egress bars. The products complement Dortronics' renowned line of magnetic locks, pushbutton controls and door control electronics.

"Our new products include enhancements designed to save installers both time and costs while providing new business opportunities," said John FitzPatrick, Vice President, Dortronics Systems, Inc. "All of our products are manufactured in our Sag Harbor, NY facility to ensure reliability and quality, as well as the highest levels of safety and security."

Ideal for more complex access control applications, the 7600 Annunciator Series can be configured to provide precise monitoring and control of over 100 doors/zones. The 7600 series is compatible with most NFPA approved delayed egress systems, including Dortronics' EDR System 101. Doors can be remotely unlocked from the console and authorized entry and egress operations can be performed and monitored via an access control system or REX device.

Dortronics' 7200-PT Series Door Prop Alarm is designed to provide an audible local warning if a door is not closed within a specified time period, or is forced open. The 7200-PT Series is programmable enabling the door "open" time to be preset from 5 seconds to 90 minutes, and the local warning tone to be preset from 0 seconds to 5 minutes. The 7200-PT can also output an alarm condition to other monitoring systems and can be integrated with a variety of Dortronics systems products.

A comprehensive in-house quality assurance program ensures the code compliant design (xRO) of Dortronics' 4804 Relay Module to meet requirements for use in access control systems. When properly fused, the 4804 Relay Module also conforms to Class II power limited restrictions. The relay module includes application flexibility with a built-in fire alarm interface and mantrap interlock options. Its compact size (3" x 9") and large gauge wiring terminal strips with provided captive screw posts make installation fast and trouble-free.

The new 6495 Series Egress Bar incorporates weather resistant switch contacts for use in environmentally unprotected areas such as a parking garage, and are available in several configurations. Imprinted with "push to exit" in an attractive black accent, the panic hardware is available from stock in standard aluminum with a clear anodized finish and can be ordered in various finishes to match most entrance and exit doors.

For more information on Dortronics extensive line of access control products call toll free 1-800-906-0137, e-mail or visit their web site