American Fibertek Displays Advanced Fiber Optic Systems At ISCW 2005

Las Vegas, NV -- American Fibertek, Inc. (AFI) is displaying a host of new fiber optic transmission and monitoring systems here at ISCW 2005 with optimized performance that deliver all the inherent benefits of fiber optic technology at a competitive price. The new products further address the industry's continued migration to a digital networked systems platform and demand for cost-efficient remote monitoring solutions.

"Fiber optics is the ideal transmission technology for digital based security and surveillance systems since bandwidth is not an issue," said Jack Fernandes, President and CEO of American Fibertek, Inc. "Innovative products such as our new Afinety Remote Monitoring System and the technology deployed in our new series of digital video/data transceivers deliver the features and performance attributes systems integrators need to implement today's advanced systems configurations." New products on display in the American Fibertek display include:

American Fibertek's new Afinety Remote Monitoring System offers extensive system status monitoring of American Fibertek digital fiber optic transceivers, and the cameras they are connected to, using a standard web browser.

Crystal clear images and uncompromising performance are just two of the attributes of the 10 bit signal processing technology found in AFI's 984 and 984SL Digital Video Optic Transceivers. The singlemode and multimode fiber systems are fully compatible with NTSC and PAL formats, and RS-170A and RS-343A standards. Interfaces built into the devices include RS-422 and RS-485, to meet the demands of sophisticated system designs.

AFI's new 47 Series Ethernet Systems 1000Base-SX Ethernet Data System transmits and receives 1000Base-SX over multimode optical fiber and is also completely transparent with auto negotiate features. The units automatically configure themselves for MDI/MDIX operation and feature diagnostic indicators for instant system status verification. Units are available as stand alone or rack cards for use in AFI card cages.

AFI's 487 Series Digital Data Systems transmits and receives two RS485 data signals over a single optical fiber for advanced applications in digital systems. The 480 Series Multi-Protocol Data System transmits and receives a single channel of data (RS485, RS422, RS232 or Manchester Code) over a single singlemode optical fiber and is completely transparent to data protocol.

The new M1450 and M1460 Series Dome Camera Transceivers provide a low-cost, low profile fiber optic solution specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with Ademco and American Dynamics dome cameras (respectively) with totally transparent operation. These new products join fiber optic solutions from Panasonic and Pelco.

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