Checkpoint Systems Introduces Pinnacle Lite

Las Vegas, NV -- Checkpoint Systems is demonstrating its new Pinnacle Lite Access Control Solution here at ISCW. Designed as a junior version of the company's powerful Pinnacle V4.0 Access Control Solution, Pinnacle Lite features open architecture, scalability, modularity and intuitiveness making it ideal for small installations that need sophisticated access control capabilities today and have an eye on future expansion.

"There was a definite demand in the marketplace for an entry-level access control system, but it was qualified by systems integrators' need for open architecture and scalability to meet the myriad applications found with smaller facilities," said Doug Karp, General Manager, Access Control Products Group at Checkpoint Systems, Inc. "We decided to base a smaller-scaled access control solution on Pinnacle V4.0 to assure we retained the highest levels of programmability and reliability while taking advantage of the modularity of our controllers."

Pinnacle Lite can be scaled to accommodate up to 2000 cardholders and 32 readers. To further augment the product's flexibility, Checkpoint Systems offers entry-level bundled packages of two-, four-, six-, eight- and 10-door configurations. The competitively priced Pinnacle Lite bundles are intended to open the door for small- to medium-sized organizations to implement the proven benefits of access control.

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