3VR Shatters 1,000 Camera Barrier with Integrated Video Analytics and Recording Solution

Las Vegas, Nevada -- 3VR Security, Inc., developers of the world's first Intelligent Video Management System, today publicly demonstrated their 128-camera solution at ISC West 2005 and announced the release of 1,000+ video camera surveillance and analytics solutions by year-end. This is the first time integrated analysis of surveillance video for human activity and face identification has been possible at such a large scale. As part of 3VR's early- access program, existing 3VR customers will be able to deploy and test the new 1000+ camera solutions prior to the public release in winter 2005.

Historically, digital video and analytics companies have been unable to effectively serve customers with large, geographically-dispersed camera deployments due to the limitations of their technology architectures. 3VR provides a new approach - a mesh of integrated, turnkey appliances that work together to record and analyze surveillance video. 3VR solutions can then provide instant search, face recognition, identification, alerts and policy management across all cameras simultaneously.

"Our unique pipeline analytics engine and distributed Edge/Core architecture make 3VR technology superior to any other video intelligence system on the market," said Stephen Russell, CEO. "These 1000+ camera solutions make it clear that 3VR can do what no one else can - make intelligent video management a viable option for corporate and government security buyers with very large distributed camera networks."