3VR Security Adds Advanced Motion Analysis to its Suite of Analytics

Las Vegas, Nevada -- 3VR Security, Inc., developers of the world's first Intelligent Video Management System, announced today at ISC West 2005 the addition of powerful motion analytics to their upcoming software release. New features will include:

  • Museum Search - the ability to search through all recorded data for any activity in a certain area. 3VR's Museum Search returns results from over tens of thousands of events in seconds rather than the hours often required by conventional solutions.
  • Abandoned Object/Scene Change Search - the ability to search through all data for frames where objects were introduced or removed from a camera's view - also returning results in seconds.
  • Motion Direction Detection - the ability to determine flow rates and directions at entry and exit points.

"3VR Security is committed to providing our customers with comprehensive security solutions," said Stephen Russell, CEO. "That means moving well beyond the single-analytic single-box approach taken by many companies today. Too often, security directors who want to deploy advanced motion detection, people tracking, face detection and other analytics together are forced to cobble together disparate systems at extremely high costs. 3VR has created a truly integrated solution that is not only affordable and scalable, but capable of running multiple analytics against any cameras in a CCTV surveillance network."

"3VR solutions were designed to be easily upgraded, so that our customers always have the most sophisticated and effective video monitoring systems available," said Bob Vallone, EVP of Engineering. "All 3VR systems can be easily enhanced with our new Abandoned Object/Scene Change Search, Direction Detection, and Museum Search modules, as well as future modules, as they become available."