American Fibertek Introduces Afinety Remote Monitoring System

Las Vegas, NV -- In keeping with the trend of shifting monitoring functions forward to digital network platforms, American Fibertek, Inc. (AFI) is demonstrating the company's innovative new remote monitoring system, Afinety, here at ISC West. Afinety is a firmware-driven monitoring module, allowing security professionals to access the status of any of AFI's digital fiber optical transceivers and the accompanying connected cameras, using a standard web browser.

According to Jack Fernandes, president and CEO of American Fibertek. Afinety offers extensive status monitoring for AFI's continually expanding line of digital transceivers employed on network platforms. A noteworthy feature cited by Fernandes is the direct/ID status link to each transceiver in the system, including the name/location of the site, rack identification, type of device in each slot of the rack, serial number of the device and run time hours.

Status indication includes power, video level to verify camera operation, optical loss, temperature, contact status and signal verification. In the event of an alarm condition, Afinety e-mails the system administrator with real time status of the problem. This allows instant evaluation of the alarm as a "hard" or "soft" failure, and for the necessary and appropriate follow-up action to be taken.

"Afinety is a centerpiece of AFI's digital network product portfolio and integral to the company's vision of a ubiquitous electronic security fiber optic network, which offers value and efficiency in a broadband world," said Fernandes. "We are continually developing new transmission technologies to compliment this vision and provide solutions for the wide range of capabilities networked systems have to offer."

Afinety is designed to reside on the host system's server, and offers individual status monitoring for AFI's 900 and 9000 Series Digital Transceivers employed on a network platform. No additional software programs or plug-in devices are required to allow remote access from any PC on the network or any PC with remote access capabilities to the host network. Afinety is password protected to prevent unauthorized access to system status information.

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