MyCasa Network Introduces Solution for WiFi Video Surveillance

PALO ALTO -- MyCasa Network announced availability of Shopsview its new service and product bundle for digital video surveillance and monitoring tailored for retailers, small and medium-size commercial establishments.

Shopsview is a secure and affordable solution composed of a Service Gateway and WiFi wireless digital cameras. It relies on a Service Management Center for all end-user interactions, secure transmission of images and alarm management. The service Gateway detects motion by analyzing in real-time video images captured from the WiFi cameras and generates an alarm when needed. In case of alarms the Service Gateway records and send to the central station a video clip captured from the installed cameras in real-time.

Users receive alarm alerts in a number of ways, including e-mail, a voice call on any phone or a text message on a mobile phone. On any Internet-enabled PC or camera phone is possible to view the recorded video clip of what happened during the alarm just moments after the alert has been received.

The Shopsview Service Gateway connects to the public Internet using a broadband connection and can use standard analog cameras and can connect to an existing alarm system. Together with plug-and-play installation, unique to the system is the level of privacy of the video transmission and protection from unauthorized access to the system that are guaranteed by a secure infrastructure and server-mediated functionality implemented in the Service Management Center.

Using the Shopsview product bundle and the Service Management Software, broadband and security service operators can bring privately branded digital video surveillance solutions to the market. Shopsview provides an end-to-end solution that is based on a low-cost, reliable hardware and on Service Management Software that is available both for integration within existing portals and as a unified Web-based application that handles service interfaces, account and user management, service provisioning, remote diagnostics and on-line billing.

The Shopsview Service Gateway is available as OEM product and for private labeling under license from MyCasa Network to qualified product companies. The Service Management Software is available under license both as off-the-shelf and as a fully hosted solution at 24/7 monitored premises, managed by MyCasa Network personnel.

MyCasa Network is actively pursuing partnerships for both the distribution and marketing of Shopsview products and services and invite consumer electronics, alarm systems manufacturers, and service providers to contact us for obtaining samples, pricing information and details on licensing the Shopsview products and service management software.