ObjectVideo Releases New Version of Its Intelligent Video Surveillance Software

ObjectVideo today announced the latest version of its leading intelligent video surveillance software, ObjectVideo VEW 2.1, which will further fuel worldwide sales and partnerships with the software's availability in international languages and ease of integration with map-based presentation, network video management and complementary security systems.

"We've received a great deal of interest from international markets as a result of growing security challenges worldwide," said Raul J. Fernandez, CEO of ObjectVideo. "Many countries already have extensive camera infrastructures due to a long history of combating terrorism and want a sophisticated technology to further increase their systems' effectiveness. We felt it was important to also provide them with software that would reflect the country's native language to insure security personnel can easily create security rules and respond to alerts."

ObjectVideo VEW 2.1 is the industry's first intelligent video surveillance software with the ability to localize the software by setting consoles, messages and alerts as well as user documentation in the native language of the intended country. This capability helped foster ObjectVideo's international partnerships with security systems integrators including Sumitomo in Japan, IT Deusto in Spain and IIT in Italy, which have pilot programs under way at international airports, seaports, railways, power and nuclear plants, and a convention center.

"ObjectVideo's software is a highly advanced video surveillance technology that significantly increases the level of security for our clients," said Hiroshi Harunaga, General Manager of Sumitomo. "Additionally, its flexibility makes it easy for us to deploy and integrate with multiple vendors and a client's existing infrastructure."

ObjectVideo VEW 2.1 seamlessly integrates with any map-based presentation system preferred by the customer, and ObjectVideo currently has partnerships with popular vendors including Boeing Autometrics, Ortega Infosystems, Trident Tek and Verint Systems.

Furthermore, ObjectVideo 2.1 enables customers to group rules without the assistance of an engineer, allowing security personnel to set different levels of security and instantly change security measures to adjust to current threat levels, such as those issued by the Homeland Security Advisory System.

ObjectVideo's intelligent video surveillance software, based on artificial intelligence called "computer vision," runs all objects in a camera's view against threat-specific pre-programmed rules. When an object violates a rule, for example, a small boat loiters next to a ship or a bag is left unattended in an airport terminal or on a train track, the software alerts security personnel by phone, pager, email or an alert console.

ObjectVideo VEW is currently deployed across the U.S. to protect against terrorism and other threats and to secure critical infrastructure such as borders, airports, oil refineries, seaports, chemical and nuclear plants and public water treatment facilities. Customers include the Department of Homeland Security's Customs and Border Protection Bureau, the Department of Defense, the U.S. Air Force, the Department of Energy and a wide variety of private sector businesses including the Port of Jacksonville and Port Everglades.