Stanley Security Solutions Stands up to Be Counted

New player for security industry looks for options in industry, focuses a 'direct-to-end- user' approach

It was at ASIS 2004 in Dallas, Texas, that Stanley Security Solutions was announced to the security world. While the news may not have been a huge shock to those reading between the lines of recent acquisitions in the industry, the announcement puts a large operation on the forefront of security.

According to Bob Finnance, vice president of marketing and product management for Stanley Security Solutions, the new company doesn't fit the traditional model of dividing your company into the task at hand - whether that's making products, designing systems, installing systems, or operating the systems. With manufacturing, integration and installation abilities, says Finnance, the company has switched to a "direct-to-end-user" model that pulls together all of the company's attributes.

The model works well considering Stanley's acquisition and/or ownership of nine companies working in the security arena. Under the Stanley Security Solutions umbrella you'll now find Best Access Systems, Blick, C.J. Rush Industries, Frisco Bay,, Intivid Solutions, Senior Technologies, Stanley Access Technologies, and Stanley Hardware.

According to Finnance, the move to offering integrated security services was a natural fit.

"It began in 1999 with our people studying sensors on automatic doors," says Finnance.

"There was a need to consider other sensor options to increase safety and reliability. It led us to start considering digital camera technologies on these automatic doors, and that opened our eyes to the world of surveillance with some of our larger accounts who saw the value of better sensors."

"We started looking at a door as more than just a door," explains Finnance. "Since 9/11 we have started thinking of the door more as a security and retail management product."

Following that "eye opening" experience, the company moved ahead with acquisitions. Best became part of Stanley Works in 2002, and Blick and Frisco Bay were acquired by the company last year. With the major acquisitions in place - acquisitions of "industry leading companies," explains Finnance - the past summer became the time to decide how to focus the security group.

With Stanley Works involved heavily in retail, institutional and industrial service - they've been quietly doing a lot more than making the tools you can buy at Wal-Mart or Ace Hardware - the company's execs have decided to leverage existing expertise into their new security business.

Thanks to existing accounts at schools like Villanova, Yale University and the University of Tennessee, the company has been able to take simple physical hardware accounts and move toward the "big picture" of security.

Along the way, says Finnance, Stanley Security Solutions designers don't get caught up in the fact that the company has its own products, from doors to access control and video.

"We have our own products in key areas," says Finnance, "but when we're working with a client we try to select the best solution, no matter the manufacturer."

Still the company's products usually make it into the final installers.

"Even if there's a lot of technical integration [in the security system], you never get rid of security mechanicals like locks, doors and hinges."

But he says the integrated option is working.

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