Electrophysics Introduces New ALS Line of Infrared Illuminators for Perimeter Surveillance

Fairfield, NJ -- There is no room for error when dealing with the night-time surveillance of large areas such as property borders at ranges 800 meters and beyond, fence lines and large public works expanding over 15 acres. Gaps or weaknesses in any security framework, especially those designed for these types of wide area applications, could result in substantially reduced protection, with the potential for costly and irreversible damage. Ensuring the optimal performance of large area security systems under low-light conditions has been both difficult and cost prohibitive, until now. Electrophysics, a leading manufacturer of night vision solutions, is pleased to offer the ALS-20 line of infrared illuminators.

The ALS-20 Infrared Illuminators deliver high power levels of invisible illumination so that near-infrared capable CCD cameras can maintain a clear, sharp view of large areas at night. Other night-time illumination technologies such as filtered-incandescent-based and LED-based illuminators require the use of many fixtures to achieve the same large area performance as the ALS-20 systems. These technologies are undesirable because of the substantial costs of installation as well as the ongoing maintenance and service they require. Because the ALS-20 systems are based on a highly efficient 810 nm solid-state laser diode, they deliver high output power and longer service life with greater MTBF than other technologies.