VIP Systems Announces Successful Presentation of Its Video Surveillance System

First Capital International, Inc., the Designer and Manufacturer of its prepackaged VIP Systems, a state-of-the-art Video Surveillance Security Solution, announced today that the company officially presented the demo version of its VIP Ship Security Plan during a live presentation at the Port of Houston Facilities in Houston, Texas.

This event was attended by many members of the Diplomatic Corp. and several port security consultants. Additionally, this event was extensively covered by local television stations and was also featured in an article in the Houston Chronicle newspaper. This presentation was made in collaboration with several partner companies, including: BioCom, LLC -- a Houston-based biometrics technology integrator, and SkyPort International, Inc. -- the leading, Houston-based international satellite services provider that provides amongst other services, secure video communications worldwide.

The pilot project was deployed on one of MARAD'S (the U.S. Maritime Administration) ships currently docked at the Port of Houston. The purpose of the project was to prove that the cameras on the ship can be viewed remotely in real-time for security purposes during a transatlantic crossing, as well as, demonstrating the ability to effectively shut-down the ship's engines via the Satellite Active Link should the need ever arise. A Multi-Modal biometrics system (face and fingerprint recognition) is used to verify the identity of personnel onboard the vessel.

"This is a major event for our Company,'' said Alex Genin, President and CEO of the First Capital International, Inc. Mr. Genin went on to further state: ``This is excellent, anti-terrorist technology which will allow the prevention of any attempts by terrorists to bring a ship loaded with oil/LNG or any other hazardous materials to any U.S. Port city and/or shore with the intent to detonate it. Additionally, our Company is planning to further demonstrate this technology to various U.S. Governmental Agencies, including the International Maritime Organization, major Marine Insurance carriers and to U.S. elected officials.''

"This is cost effective and highly advanced technology that is ready to be implemented today,'' said Mr. Greg Allen, CEO of BioCom, LLC. Mr. Allen went on to further state: ``We are pleased to supply the critical component that enables Identity Assurance through biometrics for this exciting new solution.''

"We are very excited to be part of the Team and to be providing a secure satellite link for this demonstration,'' said Mr. Roger Klotz, President and CEO of SkyPort International, Inc. Mr. Klotz went on to further state: ``The VIP Systems developed technology can be an excellent preventative mechanism against international terrorism.''

"VIP Systems technology represents a very useful and effective application for merchant marine vessels, as well as a great anti-terrorist disaster prevention system. This technology will have a tremendous future in the marine industry,'' said Captain Mark Nowak of MARAD.