EzValidation Introduces Enterprise Application Software, Adds Security to Networked PCs

FREMONT, Calif. -- EzValidation, Inc., a supplier of easy to use applications software and middleware for the development of authentication protocols for security and biometric systems, today announced EzPassport Enterprise Edition applications software. This enterprise-class software provides biometric security for networked PCs running Windows using AuthenTec fingerprint authentication.

The EzPassport Enterprise Edition application makes it easy for IT professionals and system integrators to add biometric and security access features to Windows applications running on networked PCs. The software is easily installable from a CD.

"Our goal is to provide easy to use applications software and middleware for security and biometrics applications to our customers, the world's leading sensor manufacturers," said Shoieb Yunus, CEO of EzValidation. "With this announcement, our product line expands from addressing desktops to networked PCs."

Yunus added, "We are also proud to announce that the number one semiconductor provider of fingerprint sensors to the PC, wireless, PDA, access control and automotive markets, AuthenTec, will the first hardware security supplier supported."

Sensor Support
"EzPassport Enterprise software will allow the enterprise users to deploy secure biometric applications using our fingerprint sensors," remarked Bill Dennehy, vice president of worldwide sales for AuthenTec. "Combined with our award-winning fingerprint sensors, the new software gives network users the options of adding secure logon and secure access to digital information as well as to network servers."