Integral Technologies and CoVi Introduce Digital Video Recording Solution

Integral Technologies, Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of IT based integrated security solutions, recently announced that it is cooperating with CoVi Technologies, Inc., the leader in high definition video surveillance solutions, to enable setup, control and management of CoVi's EVQ-1000 MultiView high definition video surveillance camera within Integral's Digital Video Management Systems.

Combining CoVi's 1280x720 pixel high definition camera with Integral Technologies Digital Video Management Systems enables a dramatic paradigm shift in video surveillance capabilities. The integration of the EVQ-1000's superior picture quality and electronic pan-tilt-zoom (E-PTZ) functionality into the Integral DVMS family provides a complete CCTV system that far exceeds the functionality, ease of use and recording capabilities of any other system in the market.

Matt Kushner, President and CEO of Integral Technologies stated, "adding the capability of multiple views of video from one CoVi EVQ-1000 camera to our DVMS family allows security managers the ability to capture greater detail and to identify objects, people, criminal activity and threats. At the end of the day, a surveillance system is measured by its ability to identify an incident, and to escalate this to the authorities. Integral and CoVi together are able to provide a system that leaves no question of that capability."

The CoVi EVQ-1000 supports up to four video views per camera and simultaneous widescreen and zoom outputs. Using these capabilities, security managers can pre-program surveillance tours to create automated tracking and monitoring of high-profile areas. Each view can operate independently of the others, extending the flexibility and efficiency of the security system. Also featuring outstanding dynamic range and unique contrast mapping technologies, the EVQ-1000 performs exceptionally well under both poorly lit and strong backlight conditions.

Integral's DigitalSENTRY and MasterControl Software Digital Video Management Systems offer a wide range of video and integrated access control solutions for the security markets. With the integration of CoVi's EVQ-1000 camera with Integral's DS Enterprise, DS Express, DVXi, DVXe, and DVX 500 products, users will be able to view, search and sort their video through Integral's powerful yet easy to use graphic interface. The seamless integration of the CoVi 'ZUP' technology offers Integral users a more granular way to administer and manage their video security content.

Barry Walker, President and CEO, CoVi Technologies, said, "We are committed to providing the highest-value surveillance solutions to our customers. Teaming with Integral Technologies helps us fulfill this commitment. In licensing the high definition recording and control technologies of the EVQ-1000, Integral is able to deliver customers an unprecedented integrated digital security package."