Bruker Daltronics Receives Product Innovation Award for Chemical, Biological Agent Detector

Bruker BioSciences Corporation (NASDAQ: BRKR) today announces that Frost & Sullivan has selected the Company's Bruker Daltonics subsidiary for their 2004 Product Innovation Award in the Chemical & Biological Agent Detector Markets.

Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Matthew Farr stated: ``Bruker Daltonics has more than two decades of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) detection experience. This experience has led Bruker Daltonics to develop a broad range of NBC detection products based on several technology platforms.''

Bruker Daltonics' NBC product line includes a nuclear radiation detector, the hand-held SVG-2, which can be vehicle mounted. The SVG-2 incorporates sensors for detecting gamma and neutron radiation. Bruker Daltonics also produces two complementary biological agent detectors: the Chemical Biological Mass Spectrometer (CBMS) can detect and classify biological agents in as little as three minutes without operator intervention. The CBMS is used in the US Army's Biological Integrated Detections System. The new APSIS(TM) is a fieldable DNA microarray system for the subsequent identification of harmful pathogens.

In addition, Bruker Daltonics has a wide range of chemical agent detectors: the HAWK(TM) is a long distance chemical detector for defense and homeland security. It is based on infrared technology and has the ability to scan the horizon automatically. It can remotely identify most known chemical agents, as well as important toxic industrial chemicals, over distances up to three miles. A new introduction is the Mobile Mass Spectrometer (MM2) for NATO reconnaissance vehicles. The MM2(TM) is ruggedized, fully automatic and weighs just 30 kg. Finally, Bruker Daltonics offers a family of small Rapid Alarm and Identification Devices (RAID) for chemical agents based on ion mobility technology. The RAID(TM) instruments can be configured as hand-held, portable or mounted point detectors with automatic alarm functions for the field, vehicles/ships or for buildings.

Frost & Sullivan President Krishna Srinivasan explained: ``Bruker Daltonics has expanded the range of products it offers by using new and innovative technologies. Developing these new technologies requires a firm commitment to excellence; Bruker Daltonics has obviously made this commitment to future growth and technological advancement.''

Frank Laukien, Ph.D., President and CEO of Bruker Daltonics, commented: ``We are gratified by this award, and very pleased to have been recognized by Frost & Sullivan for the fifth time now in three years for our best practices in product line innovation and growth strategy. We expect our NBC product line to continue to make important contributions in U.S. and NATO defense and homeland security applications.''