Initsys Integrates IPIX's Immersive Surveillance Solution

Initsys Ltd., an infrastructure provider for network security solutions, has integrated IPIX's CommandView and InSight cameras into its iRecord network video recorder (NVR). iRecord users can now take advantage of IPIX's immersive imaging technology to continuously monitor and record a 360-degree field-of-view (FOV) over any network connection.

"IPIX's 360-degree, IP-cameras enable security directors to greatly reduce the number of cameras needed to effectively monitor an environment, as well as provide greater functionality and performance over traditional analog and most current digital cameras," said Chris Berry, Initsys CEO. "Through this integration, security professionals can monitor cameras via a secure network, as well as receive instant visual verification of alarm events."

The iRecord NVR can be used to monitor and record IP cameras or traditional analog cameras linked through an analogue to IP interface. The system includes advanced video motion detection and a secure interface to Initsys' VerifiedAlarms network for locations needing or requiring visual verification of alarm events to ensure response from local law enforcement.

"Initsys' iRecord NVR offers users of IPIX's immersive imaging technology an extremely effective solution for managing visual intelligence and maintaining complete situational awareness of monitored environments," said IPIX President and CEO Clara Conti. "Utilizing the unique functionality of IPIX's 360-degree FOV and the iRecord platform, a single CommandView dome camera can provide more complete coverage than multiple fixed or motorized PTZ cameras."

Initsys' clients include a variety of customers worldwide in retail, banking and commercial alarm markets (both receiving stations and alarm installing companies), as well as government organizations.