New Safety and Security Window Laminate from HST

Colonel Jeffrey A. Powers, USMC (Retired), CEO of Homeland Security Technology, Inc a division of Amnis, Inc., has unveiled a new line of safety and security window laminate marketed under the private label name PowerShield.

Homeland Security Technology, Inc. (HST) is pleased to announce that HST has entered an exclusive strategic alliance with Bekaert Specialty Films LLC, of Clearwater, Florida. The terms of the agreement provide that Bekaert will manufacture High Tensile Polyester Safety Film on behalf of HST and authorize HST to private label the product as PowerShield). HST will provide advisory and consulting services to Bekaert in areas of product design, new applications and marketing services. Additionally, HST has the right to market Bekaert's products to government, municipal and civilian clients worldwide.

HST has received initial interest in PowerShield from a variety of market sectors. The company's primary focus will be to market PowerShield to customers that will benefit from increased security and recognize the benefit of reducing the potential collateral damage associated with shattered glass. Initial sales proposals and installation orders are currently being negotiated with jewelry store chains, convenience stores, gas stations, coffee house chains, restaurant chains, hotel chains, government facilities and private residences. The company will update shareholders as these negotiations and developments progress.

"Bekaert's global reputation of producing the finest quality safety and security films and the testing results they have attained from GSA, NIJ, and BMAG ensure that these products will be a perfect fit for our business plan," commented Colonel Powers. "We will be marketing these films to not only private business but to the U.S. Government for blast mitigation purposes."