TriGeo Joins Network Admission Control (NAC) Program

Post Falls, Idaho -- TriGeo Network Security (, manufacturer of a leading real-time security information management appliance that automatically identifies, notifies and responds to suspicious behavior, policy violations, and network attacks, announced that it has joined the Network Admission Control (NAC) program. This Cisco-led industry initiative uses network infrastructure to help enforce security policy compliance on all devices which attempt to access a company's network computing resources, thereby limiting damage from suspicious behavior, policy violations, and network attacks.

By joining NAC, TriGeo Network Security commits to integrate the Cisco Trust Agent (CTA) with the TriGeo Agent to provide active network defense coverage from the perimeter to the endpoint. With this integration, IT organizations can create automated enforcement policies that help ensure the TriGeo Agent is active before granting access to network assets.

The NAC program is a key component of Cisco's Self-Defending network security strategy which helps to increase network intelligence in order to identify, prevent and adapt to security threats automatically. NAC controls network access by interrogating devices connecting to the network to see if they comply with network security policies.

"TriGeo views the NAC program as a significant movement for the industry because it will help organizations build networks that are resistant to a wide range of damaging threats," said Michelle Dickman, CEO of TriGeo Network Security. "We share a common vision for access control and automated remediation, and that's what attracts us to NAC."

"Cisco is pleased to have TriGeo participating in the NAC program." said, Russell Rice, director of product marketing in the Security Technology Group at Cisco Systems, Inc. "TriGeo's products will help enhance the NAC program, by bringing an integrated and collaborative approach to endpoint security.

This collaboration within the NAC effort will provide IT organizations with a strong toolset for helping to defend against a variety of threats."

TriGeo will also extend its correlation and policy enforcement technology to act as a Posture Validation Server (PVS). In this role, TriGeo will deliver additional levels of access control by empowering customers to create policies that adjust dynamically to changes in network activity and patterns of behavior.