Biometrics 2000 Releases WiFi BioTouch

Biometrics 2000 has announced the release of advanced functionality and flexibility to its BioTouch family of fingerprint recognition/security products. With the release, BioTouch products will provide full compatibility and support of Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) network integration

With the enhancement, Biometrics 2000 said it will enable its customers to combine flexibility and mobility to their security and verification systems, and to business applications. The new BioTouch functionality also enables customers to expand security and verification systems at the speed of wireless network buildout, and at much lower costs.

Joe Turek, CEO of Biometrics 2000, said, "We realized that many of our customers need integrated security and verification solutions that can scale up rapidly to handle peak volumes. Whether you are a cruise ship operator, a hotel manager, or a corporate security director, there are times during the day and week when your security systems are stressed due to peak volumes. The BioTouch WiFi technology allows customers to scale up and down, at minimal cost, in virtually minutes."